Twelfth Night



It’s hard enough to understand love, but throw in some teenage angst and BOOM – it’s even more confusing. And what is the person you are in love with isn’t who they seem to be? And doesn’t know who they are? What is the difference between boys and girls?

Confused gender, ambiguity and challenging stereotypes are all a part of the USC’s Twelfth Night. And we make them relevant to the 21st with our fast paced, witty Ugly Shakespeare interpretation. We definitely believe it’s better to be a witty fool that a foolish wit. Our energetic cast of three travel the journey of one of the Bard’s most confused, but most loved comedies.


If the Uglies be the food of humour, laughter, music and a great production for you and your students, then we will play on! Our 23rd National tour celebrates diversity, Shakespeare and love in a way only The Uglies can.
So get out your quill and book the show now – don’t miss out. Limited season.




Romeo and Juliet

They were never Ugly… but so in love!



See Baz Luhrmann collide with Lin-Manuel Miranda as The Uglies take on the greatest love story ever told, that of the star- crossed lovers.
A cleverly crafted hip-hop musical utilising the Uglies' fast paced, frenetic andfamous style. We once again offer you and your students a roller-coaster ride through a tale of woe – that of Juliet, and her Romeo.


The two households might have be alike in dignity, but not since the Ugly team of writers got their hands on the script.
A fantastic way to introduce students to the joys of the Bard as well as the joys of live theatre, the Uglies can’t wait to share these hilarious delights which have hilarious ends!So get thee to a bookery and book your tickets now! Limited Season.


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