2020 Tour


25 years! That;'s how long the USC has been bringing live, energetic and engaging theatre to young audiences. 

And 2020 sees playwright Albert Belz tackle that tragedy about racism, power, love and glory, Othello.

With the usual Ugly interpretation, we present a fast-paced and hilarious modern take on the Bard's work, using popular culture references and dance, music and oh, some of the Bards own words, to engage our audiences in their space, on their terms. Shakespeare’s Othello is enveloped in madness, jealousy and lies for the sake of finding the truth for love. We look at the battle of ranks between Iago and Othello as Roderigo schemes to steal away Desdemona’s love from Othello. In this play we explore love being reflected as witchcraft based on the colour of one’s skin, “Look at her, moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father, and may thee.” - Brabantio, Desdemona’s father to Othello. 

Scene from Orthello

We are lucky to have been able to secure for our 2020 work. He is a prescribed playwright for the NZ curriculum. 

Albert Belz’s career in the arts originally began as an actor before turning his hand to writing for stage and screen. An award-winning playwright, his unique voice has crossed many datelines and divides having been performed internationally including London, Paris, New York, Melbourne & Sydney. Issues ranging from class, ethnicity and sexual politics, to Gothic serial killers and religion resonate through his words

Belz has held writing residencies in Les Quesnoy (Northern France) also Waikato, Victoria (N.Z) and Canterbury (N.Z) Universities.

His latest play “Astroman” has been produced by the Melbourne Theatre Company, Court Theatre and most recently Auckland Theatre Company. Belz was creator and head-writer on the Maori comedy series “Tongue Tied” which bought Te Reo to hilarious life and screened on Maori Television in 2018. It is available on MTS On Demand and will be available @ TVNZ On Demand on September 6th. Belz is completing his Masters in Creative Writing while lecturing in performing arts, writing for stage and screen at Manukau Institute of Technology and South Seas Film School. He also writes for a local television drama Shortland Street. 

So get in quick and book the show - don't miss out on what will be an amazing theatre experience for you and your students.

Ugly Shakespeare - taking the fear out of Shakespeare for 25 years.