2021 Tour

Romeo and Jules

Well what a year! Masks, social distancing, coughing into your sleeve... not conducive to teen age romance and possible enough to cause more angst!

Seems like the perfect environment to stage Romeo and Juliet!  

Or Romeo and Jules as we like to call it.

We are thrilled to announce that this show will be written and directed by the amazingly talented Ahi Karunaharan. Karunaharan’s writing credits for stage include Aotearoa’s first full-length Sri Lankan play The Mourning AfterAnchorite, and Melodic Maladies. His play Tea which he wrote and directed for the 2018 Auckland Arts Festival, was the hottest ticket in town and sold out well before the opening night. Tea was awarded Excellence for Overall Production at the Auckland Theatre Awards. Directing highlights include A Fine Balance and Swabhoomi: Borrowed Earth for Prayas Theatre, the interactive outdoor extravaganza Kollywood Extras, Bollywood Blockbuster, Shoulda Woulda CouldaLight vs Dark: The Adventures of Rama for Auckland Theatre Company and the immersive participatory experience Samaroh: The Great Indian Carnival for the Auckland Arts Festival. He also directed the USC 2020 production of Othello!

We invite you and your students to sit back or roll off your seats laughing at the 26th production for the Ugly Shakespeare Company. The usual fare of R&J, a rollicking good laugh with the USC’s interpretation plus a whole lotta extras thrown in to take the fear out of Shakespeare for your students. An excellent piece to use for NCEA exploring the aspects of various theatre elements as well as a fast paced comedic fifty minute version of this classic work!

So book now!