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2019 Tour

Shakespeare like you've

never seen before

The Ugly Shakespeare Company has a proven record in New Zealand schools, providing consistently high quality live theatre performances since 1996. The company began with only 72 schools on the list and since then our success and the demand for our visits have extended our audience reach to over 120 schools nationwide on an annual basis. This growth is a combination of our ability to actually engage with the teens themselves as well as our determination to continue with what we believe – that is to make professional, live theatre accessible to youth.





















They make

Shakespeare relevant

to a modern audience,

especially those who are

tentative about it. It also allows

for discussion at the more

senior level in relation to the

traditional text.

Kaitaia College





presentation and fun

workshops. This was a great

learning experience for our


Northern Southland



While many

students struggle to

see beyond the complex

language, to the timeless

themes, stories and humour- the Ugly Shakespeare company

ensures that our students are

exposed to his work.

Glendowie College


A great


and very

professionally done.

Solway College



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